December 4, 2023

Hay guys, are you interested to find the simplest way for how to split screen on Chromebook. Here, I am telling you the easiest way to perform this task.

You might be a mentor and you have a habit to observe your students at the time to deliver a lecture. Maybe you perform a task according to the instruction given in a video form open in one pop up and at the same time you want to open the second pop as well. In all that cases, you don’t need to have second screen or a laptop.

Chromebook provide an extension to perform your multitask and observe all of your current tasks on your computer screen at once. You can do a cloud based work by splitting screens side by side on your tab. Chromebook provides you a mobile service to split screen on Chromebook.

Why do we need to split screen on Chromebook?

Well, the reason to learn on how to split screen on Chromebook is discussed here. When we start working on laptop, many pop up open at a time in chrome. We have to observe all of them. The major difficulty which we face is to open all the pop-ups by clicking them individually. Every time a new window opens to show the result. Alas! It’s just irritating to open every tab one by one separately.

So what to do now? We have a solution to help you know for how do you split your screen on Chromebook. Chrome OS has features to split your screen from different apps at a time. Chromebook is the perfect element for solving your issue. You can split your screen and get rid of different popups on multi screens with the help of Chromebook.

Simple and Easy steps to split screen on Chromebook in laptop and computers

You can split screen on Chromebook by using different methods including, holding maximize button, using duallas extension, drag and drop method, keyboard shortcut keys and many others ways as well. Let’s have a look!

1. We can split screen on Chromebook by holding maximize button

Whenever you talk about How to split screen on Chromebook? I remember the maximize method. This technique is a very way to split screen on Chromebook easily. Before the description of maximize button process, I want to explain some important features on your computer screen.

Do you have knowledge about all the icons appear on the title bar of your PC? Let me tell you about the primary work of all the icons appear on your screen every time whenever you open a tab. By default, your first app opens on the screen in maximized form.

An interested function of the window which we are going to describe is a maximize button at the top right corner of the title bar of your screen. At that place, you have three icons including maximum icon, minimum icon, and the window closed icon. All of these icons have different functions to perform. As for as our main concern is with maximizing icon, so we explain it in detail here. Maximization gives you a facility to enlarge your current file or tab .once you maximize your file you can’t reduce it until minimize icon perform its task.

Follow the given instructions for how you can split your screen on Chromebook:

  • Open you Chromebook browser window to perform How to split screen on Chromebook.
  • Click on the maximum icon on the top right corner of the current window.
  • Hold on here, until right and left arrows appear.
  • Click the arrow according to your choice of appearing window on that side of the screen.

2. We can split screen on Chromebook by Joining Second Screen to your PC

Surely, it is very helpful regarding how to split your screen on a Chromebook structure on screen. Once you’ve finished resizing the first app on a computer. Open up your second app, it will also appear in maximize form.

Resize and drag it to the free space of your PC opposite to the first one app. You can adjust more than 2 apps on your computer without any ambiguity.

3. We can split screen on Chromebook by the use of Dualless Extension method

Now come to third simple way related to How to split screen on Chromebook, which we are going to describe is Dualless Extension method. Dualless is a special extension provided by Google chrome to its users. This method consists of following steps:

  • First do type Dualless extension on your window tab:
  • Then click on the Dualles Extension for Downloading as shown in the below image:
  • After downloading this extension, a popup comes to your screen which asks for your permission to add extension. Just click on that button.
  • Now you will see the Dualles Extension on your browser. Wow! We did it.

It helps to perform multitasking on your computer at once. We have different windows like Google meet or content windows. It offers an easy way of how to split screen on Chromebook to separate windows from one another and adjust them on the screen at the same time.

Dualless has a special feature to resize the window according to you choice. It appears on the right side of the URL. Its shape is like two splitting windows. Click on your already open tabs, press the extension and select the size of the window.

Immediately, it will resize your window and show it at one corner of given screen. This is a best way for how to do a split screen on Chromebook.

4. We can split screen on Chromebook by Drag and Drop method

Yes, you can arrange your computer documents including computer files, excel sheets data in cells, and many other tasks related to the movement on your computer screen by drag and drop method. It is also called a primary way for movements of files, sheets etc.

Drag and Drop method is used mostly in the case when we have already opened many tabs at the same time on our Chromebook screen. For example you open two tabs at once, then click on the second tab and drag this tab away from the first tab.

As a result second one tab screen splits from the first one tab screen or simply this screen opens in a new window.

5. We can split screen on Chromebook by keyboard shortcut keys

You have some specific Keyboard keys to which help to split screen on Chromebook. The first keyboard short key split your screen on chrome book and adjusts it on left hand side of the screen.

  • Alt + [ is used to split screen to the left-hand side

Second Keyboard shortcut key is righty hand adjustment of you screen for splitting screen on Chromebook.

  • Alt + ] is used to split screen to the right-hand side

How to split screen on Chromebook in your Tablet screen Mode

Furthermore, if you are going to perform your work on tablet mode, you have many tricks for how to do split screen on Chromebook. Firstly view all the open apps and windows on your tablet by swiping down its top screen. Start dragging the provided apps on your tablet one by one to the desired location on your screen. Either the side would be left or maybe right. Moreover, there is an error in tablet mode. It adjusts all the screens but doesn’t perform as you’d expect here.

Let us discuss some common questions regarding the split screen on Chromebook in your computer, laptop or Tablet screen Mode.


How do you view two tabs side by side on a Chromebook?

This is the common question that comes in your mind. Don’t worry its very simple and easy. Just follow the below steps:

  • Open the first app, hold on the maximize button
  • Click the arrow to move the app towards right or left
  • Repeat process for second tab for how to do a split screen on chrome book

What is the split screen shortcut on Chromebook?

Hurrah! There is a shortcut key which can be used in the split screen shortcut on Chromebook. We have keyboard shortcut keys like Alt + [ and Alt +]to move on left and right respectively.

How do I view two tabs at once?

Feeling Confused, don’t worry just follow the below mentioned steps for this simple question.

  • Click to open new tab
  • Click the view side by side
  • Choose two tabs you want to compare
  • Use synchronous scrolling to scroll both tabs at a time

Yeah! It’s simple.

How do you fix a split screen on a Chromebook?

You do work for how to split your screen on a Chromebook. You have many techniques and shortcut keys to fix your screen. Its Brilliant! Now I know how to fix a split screen on a Chromebook.

How do I view multiple pages on one page?

Open the view file, click on print layout. Keep active your view tab. Finally, select multiple pages in the zoom section. Wow! It works….

I hope, you really enjoy this blog and have enough deep knowledge about how to do split screen on Chromebook. Now you can do your work easily without any trouble regarding screens of your laptop or PC. Best of luck!


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