May 31, 2023

Do you want to learn how to paint clouds? We strongly suggest you read out our blog. If you want to learn to identify the types of clouds.

we will help you to avoid some mistakes artists have been making for centuries in clouds painting that look nothing like the real ones we see in the sky. Clouds also determine the lighting cast of the scenes.

A dramatic painting will have turbulent, active clouds. A sunset has certain clouds to intensify the beauty of the colors. A cheerful picture will have light puffy clouds or none at all.

A good artist will also study how to paint clouds formation and determine what kinds of clouds provide which sort of mood. In this blog, we tell you about how to paint clouds with oil, acrylic, and also digital clouds painting.

Let’s find out all these amazing things! Let’s start!


  • Colors Acrylic/oil
  • Painting surface
  • Water
  • Brushes
  • Colors
  • White cerulean
  • Blue ultramarine

How to paint clouds acrylic

Do you want to learn how to paint clouds with acrylic colors? Learn how to mix colors, and how to paint clouds. Maybe create some color combinations that you like and decide what you want to paint.

Is there a specific style you want to achieve? Feel free to let we know what you would like to learn if you’re interested in watercolor or gouache.

If you’re more into acrylic I’m sure that there are other great ideas about how to paint clouds acrylic! We use the following colors to paint clouds.

  • White cerulean
  • Blue and ultramarine

Step 1 Create background

So, first you will draw the background of the sky.

Step 2: Start with dry brush

Which you will blend from white to cerulean blue to make the blending process easier. We will suggest you take only one dip for the dry brush and you need to apply quickly. Because the colors will dry out quickly.

You need to end not having the color that you would like to have.

Step 3: Brush white color in highlight strokes

Then you will use the filbert brush to draw the white clouds. If you want to draw beautifully you will need to find a brush with soft bristles.

Then you will use the brush with a slightly bigger Bristol to draw an upright layer out to clouds still using white! And wait for the white to dry.

Step 4: Add shading to clouds

To add shading, make a different color combination. With a deep blue, a rosy color, and a brown-red color, you can make a dark purple to use as a grey. You can also mix and match different shades of grey to shade paint clouds.

Step 5: Make a smaller cloud near horizon

When you get closer to the horizon, reduce the size of the clouds and make them fuzzier. Apply even less paint to your brush when creating them small clouds.

How to paint clouds in oil

It would be nice if you want to know how to paint clouds with oil. But lacking that try to paint wet on wet for oil colors.

Step 1: Create background

Firstly, you can choose a white careline or blue ultramarine mix with grey purple to create background.

Step 2: Let the paint dry

When you paint on top of a layer of paint or oil that is still wet the colors tend to blend almost automatically on whole background so let it dry.

Step 3: Sketch out clouds

Try to soften the borders with a dry brush. A fan shaped brush can help. Sketch out the basic areas where you paint clouds.

Step 3: Paint clouds

You could also try applying thin layers with almost dry brush in a circular fashion. You can do it this way, whichever you prefer.

Step 4: Highlight your clouds

You can use areas of the background color to highlight the clouds if you want to.

Step 5: Add highlight in cream color.

Using an off-white or cream for the final highlights because you don’t want them to stand out too much against the other colors. Brush it over the shapes you made earlier, highlighting the cloud tops.

How to paint clouds digital

These clouds are hand-drawn using some graphic tablet and probably photoshop to paint digital clouds. It could be painted on traditional media. But I highly doubt it.

I’d not make these using vector graphics, maybe only some sort of prefabricated before tweaking it in photoshop by brushes, but that’s overkill. Grab a tablet and learn basics about how to paint digitally.

Step 1.

Create a new layer and paint clouds a value that is slightly lighter and less saturated than the lightest sky color with a sharp-edged brush. At the bottom, darken it slightly.

Step 2.

Switch on ‘Preserve Transparency’ for the sheet and use the airbrush to paint full white. Vary the brush size a great deal. The aim is to achieve a ‘cauliflower’ appearance.

Step 3.

Then, as on the right, apply a new layer and paint the original cloud color with a completely opaque sharp-edged brush. This cycle should be repeated until the entire cloud region has been filled.

Keep in mind that the edges of each layer should be closer together at first, then more widely spaced as you progress.

How make paint clouds structure

How to paint clouds are by their very nature transient and temporary, but that doesn’t mean you can disregard all concepts of shape and structure.

Contrary to popular belief, Shape and structure ideas assist you in organizing all of the knowledge and detail onto the canvas into something inspiring to paint clouds. You aim to see clouds as simple shapes and forms, similar to paint clouds.

How to adjust light and color during Paint clouds

You can apply the laws of light to clouds like you would any other entity until you see them as simple shapes and types. Assume only one light source, the Sun, to keep it plain.

Each cloud represents a basic shape, such as a box, sphere, cylinder, cone, or a combination of these shapes.

Each shift in the plane is accompanied by a shift in weight. Planes that face the sun would be lighter than planes that face the opposite direction. There should be a distinction between light and dark areas.

Use the highlights and dark accents sparingly to leave plenty of space between them.

Most of the hard work is finished once you’ve mastered these basics during paint clouds. Whether it’s painted clouds brushwork, subtle color changes, a burst of light, or a deep, dark accent

How to set paint clouds gestures

Capturing nature’s gesture will give life and movement to paint clouds that would otherwise be lifeless and flat. Looking at a cloud, or a group of clouds, and attempting to describe how to paint clouds with a single line.

how to paint clouds is an easy way to understand the gesture of painting clouds. Consider it the gesture line of nature. Allow it to direct your brush by creating structure and shape around it.

Use edge during paint clouds

Are you Know? soft edges are usually used for paint clouds, with hard edges reserved for highlights and perhaps dark highlights. Unless there are any artistic considerations when you paint clouds with oils or acrylic in an easy way.

This is because clouds are naturally soft, fluffy, and fleeting. If you use too many rough edges, your clouds can look stiff and solid.

Give final touch to a cloud painting

It makes no difference how to paint clouds. Well, you paint something if it doesn’t blend in with the rest of the picture. The important thing is to keep focused on the big picture rather than getting bogged down in the particulars.

Take regular, deliberate breaks from your painting. Take the time to explore and give the final touch to your cloud painting. Examine it further. Don’t run away from issues in the cloud painting.

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