December 5, 2023

If you don’t have a can opener, you’re in trouble. No problem here we tell you how to open a can without a can opener. Also open a can with a can opener or without can opener.

Do you know lids are made of a small, easily broken piece of metal? Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? So, what’s your options?

Don’t give up give up and see what takeout choices are available at a time and learn how to open a can without a can opener. You’ll be able to enter the delectable contents of you can after just a few minutes of work.

However, let’s find multiple ways to how to open a can without a can opener. If you have a pressing need to enter this situation, don’t be panic if you have a strong desire for soup but can’t seem to locate you can opener.

We’ve discovered a secure and easy way to open a can without using a can opener and how to open a can with different ways and even how to open a can without a can opener let’s find out!

Method 1: Open a can with army knife

In the way to learn how to open a can without a can opener Take out your army knife and unfold the blade with the can opener.

Here the army knife as can opener blade have a long straight edge, a rounded tip, and a second-long edge with a curved hook that protrudes from the center of the blade.

Hold the can steady on the non-dominant hand. Then, on the can’s end, press down squarely on the can lid by the can opener blade’s tip.

Continue the process of sticking the army knife into the can and then rocking the handle back and forth to stab further into the can. Grip the can’s handle carefully.

Often carry an army knife with you and apply a lot of pressure while puncturing the can. If you try to remove the lid from the can and find that it is still attached in some areas, this is an easy fix.

Simply position the;’ can opener blade where the cap is still stuck to the can and use it to puncture the can. Then try again to close the lid.

You should now lift the lid softly until it is apart from the rest of the can! Insert the can opener blade under the broken lid and gently raise it. Using your hands, carefully raise the can’s lid. Take special caution not to touch the rough edges of the lid.

Method 2: How to open a can without a can opener (Spoon)

So, lets learn how to open a can without a can opener you can open a can with a spoon. Firstly, hold the spoon at a 90-degree angle over the can with the bowl facing the bottom with the other side.

Place the tip of the spoon against the can’s inner lid, with the interior of the spoon’s bowl facing in. Place the spoon in the can’s lip groove where the cap meets the bottom.

Working back and forth around a narrow field, rub the spoon’s tip on the can’s rim until the metal thins and the spoon rubs through the lid. Repeat this process until you’ve rubbed the spoon through the metal around the can’s surface.

The lid should be loose after you’ve circled the whole can. Pry the lid upwards with the spoon that you dug under the lid. Avoid touching the lid’s edge with your thumbnail, since it would be very sharp. To cover your palm, wrap it in a towel and discard the can lid.

Method 3: Open a can with a knife

Let’s learn how to open a can without a can opener but with a knife. So, if you need to get into the can fast and/or are confident in your knife skills, consider using the heel of a chef’s knife as an old-fashioned can opener.

This is preferable to using the point, which has the potential to slip or even break and cause injuries. However, you’ll need to find a knife that doesn’t have a bolster that protects the heel.

The bolster is the heavy portion of certain knives that lies in front of the handle. Grip the handle firmly and position the back corner of the blade perpendicular to the seam of the can.

Push the blade’s corner downwards and perforate the can’s lid by pressing in at an angle, similar to an old-fashioned can opener.

If you have a pocket knife or a small paring knife, you can place the can on a hard, stable surface and use the tip of the knife to puncture the can.

Take care! The knife will quickly slip if the can or the knife is not properly handled. The cap will finally come off if you continue to puncture holes uniformly along the side of the can.

Method 4: Open a can with a rough surface

How to open a can without a can opener here, we tell you how to open a can without a can opener you can open a can with a rough surface. What you’ll need is a big rock or a strip of concrete, as well as a soft cloth to clean the lid’s surface.

The procedure is simple to follow. So, locate a rough surface and sand the top ridge of the can until the seal is broken and to open a can. Wipe away the metal shavings, then open the lid and roast or eat the contents. That concludes our discussion.

This method takes a little longer, but it’ll get the job done in a pinch and we’re guessing you’re in a pinch if you’re struggling to crack a can and don’t have a knife or a spoon handy.

A couple of pointers rotate the can regularly to wear down the lip uniformly and pinch now and then to help separate the bond so, final you open a can with a rough surface without can opener.

Method 5: Open a can with pocket knife

Although in the way to learn how to open a can without a can opener but you can open a can with pocket knife firstly the knife’s tip can puncture the can’s lid as a result of this soft smacking action.

Don’t smack your opponent too hard. You don’t want to let go of the knife. Smack with your open hand and make contact with your palm. This will assist you in maintaining power.

Repeat the procedure to puncture the can by moving the knife’s edge a few centimeters over. As you can for a can opener, make a circle around the whole cover. The lid should now be able to move freely.

Insert the knife tip through one of the openings. Pry the cover off of it. Pull the cap away from the can with a care. If required, use a smaller knife to saw through the lid’s remaining attached bits.

Before prying off the lid, cover your palm with a towel or your sleeve. This will save your hand from being scratched by the lid.

Method 6: Open a can with a chief knife

Chef’s knives are very sharp, but they are too thin and flexible to be used in the manner recommended by our method you can easily learn how to open a can without a can opener So, with a chief knife open a can.

In this manner can cause the blade to deform or even crack, don’t putting you in danger of hurting yourself in addition to failing to know how to open a can without a can opener.


Place the heel of the Chef’s knife on the side of the can’s lid while keeping the can on a level surface. To make a vacuum, carefully but firmly press down on the can’s cover. Repeat the step around the lid’s circumference.

The lid should be loose and quick to remove at this stage. After many punctures in the lid, you can be tempted to reverse the blade and hack through the remaining nope. When you’ve punctured most of the can’s cap, pry it off.

Place the blade under the lid and draw upwards to securely lift the lid and reveal the contents.

How to use a can opener

So, in the way how to use a can opener firstly can opener cutting edge to be applied to the can, the can opener’s arms must be open. Hold one arm of the can opener in each hand and gently pull the arms apart.

Then, ensure that the cutting edge is resting on top of the can’s lip and that the serrated wheel is aligned in the furrow that circles the can’s edge. Then, make sure the rotating handle is on the outside of the can.

So, it can be turned easily. When it comes to can opener, the cutting edge press the handles together. If the cutting edge punctures the lid and releases the pressure inside the can, listen for a hissing sound.

Can opener cause the serrated wheel to spin around the can’s rim, allowing the cutting edge to slip and puncture the can? Work your way around the can lid until it is mostly detached from the can and just 12 in (1.3 cm) remains attached.

Alternatively, keep cutting the lid open to the arms of the can opener and pulling it away from the can until the lid is almost completely gone. Then, using your fingers or a knife, carefully pry the can’s lid backward so you can see what’s inside the can.

Empty the can’s contents and compost or dispose of it. Take care of yourself not to cut yourself on the c’s razor-sharp blade.


Again, never use your bare hands to handle or remove the lid from the can. Wear gloves or cover your hands with a towel, cloth, rag, or the sleeve of your coat.

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