December 5, 2023

Are you excited? to know about how to make a Facebook post shareable? Do you know that nowadays Facebook developed into a modern online platform? If you are that type of person who always makes informative posts on Facebook then you also need to know how to make Facebook posts shareable. On Facebook people share their ideas and show off their new and amazing creations to the rest of the world.

Normally when you scroll through a Facebook post you also want to share and spread your message throughout the world, but not everyone knows how to make a Facebook post shareable. So, here we tell you how to make Facebook posts shareable? How to change audience setting on Facebook? How to enable Facebook shareable button? And many more amazing things like how to make Facebook post shareable n on mobile or computer. Let’s find out all these interesting things about Facebook posts!

What are Privacy options on Facebook?

When you go through how to make a post shareable on Facebook Now Facebook offers you a variety of privacy options to its users. When you make your Facebook posts shareable here an edit audience option you can change your audience setting by this option who can view and who can’t view your Facebook post.

Public: Your public shareable post sees anywhere or by anyone even they don’t have a Facebook account.

Friends: Only your friends list also able to see your posts by this Facebook privacy policy.

Friends Expect: This Facebook setting allows you to choose some friends from your friend’s list and which friend you want to exclude from the list.

Only Specific friends: Your shareable Facebook post engaged or tag by some specific friends by this privacy policy.

Only me: No one else either only you can able to see your Facebook post.

Custom option. Yeah, this amazing option combines your two privacy options like friends and expect friends. Also allows you to combine you exclude and include friends from your friend list.

How to make a Facebook post?

Here we want to tell you how to make a Facebook post shareable. Are you know some times create Facebook post shareable setting will not be available on a lot of your Facebook posts on your accounts or your friend’s accounts? We show you how to make Facebook posts shareable let’s find out!

1. Click on what’s your mind the same ways go ahead and in a post.

2. On your post here a drop-down option that says friends or public privacy setting.

3. Click on the public option that makes your post completely shareable.

4. Press down now the setting has been changed to the public now you can make any post and press share anyone else.

  1. So, if your friends have the same option, it’s because they probably set this to something else. If they do set the option except public than it’s not a shareable post.
  2. If you want make your Facebook post shareable make sure to change this same setting on browser and computer, just drop down that setting.

How to make a Facebook post shareable ?

Step 1: Create a shareable post

Let’s go through how to make a Facebook post shareable. Here the first step opens your Facebook app and click or tap on the Facebook text box ‘What’s in your mind?” Facebook. there are many choices like your name, title friends, album after select one option from all then select public or private option from the privacy setting. Choose a shareable and informative post after typing a post you can also share your post. Anyone now sees your post whenever they friend or not. Also, you can share your post link with others.

Step 2: Allow sharing a new post

Allow sharing a new Facebook post

  • Firstly, open your Facebook website or app then start to share your Facebook new post
  • Just before post change your privacy option from friends to public

You can also make post shareable on Facebook without making public. So, if you don’t want to make your post public, and learn about how to make a Facebook post shareable. If you want to share it with your friends or specific circle. Also, tag your particular person to remember a thing that person can share your post with anyone.

Step 3: You can also make older post shareable

let’s make your older post shareable. Just after you found an older post you also wish to share your older post. You can click on the ellipsis button (…) just on the right side of your post then select to edit your older post. On privacy, setting click on public just from the first drop-down box or your friends select on option then save in upper right corner. So, after finalizing your post you can easily share your older post publicly or privately.

Step 4: Make a shareable post on Facebook after posting

Don’t worry here we tell you how to make a post shareable on Facebook even if you have already posted but don’t know how to adjust the security setting. Also, your old post still has a change option. let’s find out by different steps:

  • On your post profile just select one post you wish to share with the public
  • Here a small icon just below your profile name right beside the post date
  • Now the security menu just appears to choose an appropriate setting that you want.
  • At last, the change setting automatically applied to your post. people now have permission to share your post.

Step 5: You also want to share a post outside the Facebook

When you learn about how to make a post on Facebook shareable. You also want to share a post outside the Facebook app do the following things

  • Click on that post you want to make shareable post on Facebook
  • copy your posy URL as shown on the address box
  • Share your post link outside the Facebook to anybody

How to share your post on Facebook on computer? 

  • Firstly, find out post you want to share then click on 3 dots on the upright corner on your Facebook page
  • In the menu bar click on edit post
  • When you access the post privacy setting click next to the save button.
  • From the menu setting select to share with the public option then click save option.

How to make a post shareable on fakebook app

  • Open your Facebook app on your mobile or Facebook from a website then select a post you want to share
  • Click on 3 dots on the upper right corner of the post so click on edit post
  • Just from the privacy setting to choose a public option and then click the save button at the right corner.

Yeah, your friends and people all over the world will know to be able to share your post. Also, your post goes viral and notifications start.

How to make a post shareable on mobiles

Also, you can access the Facebook app on your android mobile even by web app. Just like android mobile, you can use the same Facebook android version on your iPhone.

How to make a post shareable from Facebook pages

Let’s begin to learn how to make a Facebook post shareable. The Facebook page provides a large platform to the public where anybody also sees your posts even if they don’t like them. Interesting thing is that you can share a post with a single click or tap on the share option. Here a large number of the public group you can easily share any post with anyone. If you like a private group then you can share your post with fellows’ members of that Facebook group.

How to share Facebook posts from groups

Let’s learn how to make a Facebook post shareable by Facebook groups. You can share your posts in public Facebook groups and easily share them with everyone. If the Facebook group is private, you can only share with other members of that group, not with the public. Yeah, just by clicking or tapping the share option below your post within your public or private groups postings are shared easily.

Sharing Facebook posts from friends

In this section, we tell you about how to make a post shareable on a Facebook page from friends and how to make a post shareable on Facebook. Although you can easily share your posts with your friends but firstly check your friend’s privacy settings. If you don’t find out a share post option on your friend’s shareable post then go and ask your friend to change the Facebook privacy setting and allow you to share your Facebook post.

Keep in mind when making a shareable post on Facebook

  • So, if you choose audience setting for one shareable post, the audience option on Facebook also uses that audience setting for your all posts until you change it. Like if you pick a public option for your post all posts will be public unless you change the privacy setting.
  • Here many options on Facebook publicly anyone can read or comment on your post.
  • Your post also shows in your Facebook news feed and your search results.
  • So, if you tagged someone on your sharable post all persons able to see your post include the tagged person.
  • If you lock your profile the privacy policies restricted applied to your Facebook profile include your sharing.


How to Facebook post change audience setting?

Yeah! It’s very simple, if you learn about How to Facebook post change audience setting?

  • Go and click on your profile Facebook profile picture just at top right.
  • Just scroll down to your Facebook post
  • Click on your Facebook audience sector just next to date and time on post.
  • Select your new audience option that appear three option like (Public, friends, Only me)

So, it’s all about how to change your audience setting on your Facebook post.

Why don’t people see your post on Facebook?

Are you worried? Because people don’t see your post on Facebook. Alas! That is because you have privacy settings on your Facebook posts. Change your restriction setting by our below suggestions.

How do you change your privacy setting on Facebook?

Different settings on your mobile or web system. Follow our blog instructions as given below.

How do you get people to share your Facebook posts?

People also share interesting posts Just try to make your posts thoughtful and funny or tricky so people want to share your post.

How do you make your existing post shareable?

Go and change your privacy setting to make your posts public.

How do you make posts shareable if there no shareable option?

No, you can’t make your post shareable post if the post doesn’t have any shareable because Facebook has some privacy options

How do you disable the share option on your Facebook post?

Facebook provides you all the essential privacy settings to customize your profile’s sharing. You can choose who may tag you in images and videos, who can comment on or share your postings, and who can publish material or make posts to your Facebook wall. You may also use Facebook Places to keep others from discovering your location, which is especially essential while you’re out and about.

  • Sign to your Facebook account go through privacy setting
  • Click on sharing on the Facebook section and click to customize the setting link near the bottom.
  • Click on the check box for friends who can post on my wall to select the post.
  • on next click enable button and switch to the disable button. Click the okay button when done. Now your friends cannot share your post.

How to enable Facebook shareable button

Let’s find out how to enable the Facebook share button.

  • Firstly, you can tap the three lines at the bottom right.
  • Choose one post that you want to be able to change and add a share button.
  • At the top right of the post, you can see three dots tap, click on three dots.
  • Hit the privacy option so, this is the key thing.
  • Click on Public option anybody able to see your post and share it.

It’s all about how to make a Facebook post shareable tell us in the comment section our blog helps you to make your fakebook posts shareable!

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