December 5, 2023

21st Century brought significant advancement in technology by providing us with computers, laptops, and/or even enhanced versions of them. It wasn’t an easy task to use the first generation of computers but as advancement happened, It has become a piece of cake to use these things and operate them. One general operation that we use daily and is easy to use is Copy and Paste.

We use the Copy and Paste function almost every day in our lives. We use it in phones, laptops, our personal computers, and even in opening websites by copying links to open across different browsers. Copy and Paste are different when we use different devices such as Windows PCs, Linux trackpad, MacBook Trackpad, and even Chromebook.

In this article, we will learn how to copy and paste in Chromebook using different methods including shortcuts, trackpad, and some third-party clipboard editors for pro users that want more access to the clipboard i.e., Text History, etc.

How To Copy and Paste on a Chromebook

There are three methods to copy and paste data on a Chromebook. Each one does the same thing, so we need to find out which works best for us and which one of them is easy to use.

1. Short Keys

Short keys are keyboard combinations that perform an action on your computer. The Short keys to copy and paste on Chromebook are as follows:

Ctrl + C You can press Ctrl and C on your keyboard simultaneously to copy the data that you select on your Chromebook.

Ctrl + V To paste the text or any form of data that you copied, you can use the Ctrl + V keyboard combination. Pressing Ctrl + V will paste the data to your desired location.

2. Using the Default Chrome Browser

Suppose you are in the Chrome browser and you want to copy and paste some text, highlight all the text that you want to copy and paste. You can highlight the text by using the trackpad or in case of using the whole text, you can use the Ctrl + A keyboard combination to select all the text or content of the current page.

Once you’ve selected the text, go to the upper right corner and look for three dots. Click on the three dots, go down and find the Copy option in the dropped down list. Click on Copy and now the text highlighted is copied.

Now that we have copied the text, We can paste it to our desired location. To do so, open the desired file on Chrome Browser where you want to paste the text, Again, Click the three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen, Find the Paste option located right next to the Copy option. Click on it, and the text you copied is now pasted on your desired location.

3. Using the Trackpad

How to copy and paste in Chromebook using a trackpad? Here’s How:

Highlight the text that you need to copy. Now, to copy the text, you need to use the right-click function to access the drop-down menu where you’ll find the Copy option. If you don’t know how to use the right-click function on Chromebook, we got you covered.

There are two ways you can access the right-click drop-down menu on a Chromebook. First, You can hold the Alt key on the keyboard and click the trackpad at the same time. Second, Use two fingers to touch the trackpad, the right-click drop-down menu will appear on the screen.

Now that we have accessed the drop-down menu in Chromebook, you will see a list of commands in the menu. Look for the Copy command.

Click the Copy command and your highlighted text is copied.

To paste the highlighted text you just copied, go to the location where you want to paste the text, use your desired method to access the right-click drop-down menu, Find the Paste command, Click on it and the copied text is now pasted where you wanted.

These are the three ways you can use to copy and paste text on a Chromebook.

  1. Short Keys
  2. Chrome Browser
  3. Trackpad

How to Copy and paste an Image in Chromebook?

Chromebooks also come with an option to copy and paste images, not just text. To do so, take your cursor to the image you want to copy, right-click on it by holding the Alt key on your keyboard and click the trackpad. A drop-down menu will appear. Look for the Copy Image command and click on it. The image will be copied.

To paste the image you just copied, head over to your desired location whether it be a file or a document. Once more, press the Alt key or click with two fingers to open the right-click menu, look for the Paste Image command, click on it and the image will be inserted in your desired location.

How to Copy and Paste a link in Chromebook?

Copying and pasting a link in Chromebook is almost as same as copying and pasting a text. There is just a slight difference in one of the methods that we are going to describe now.

There are two methods to copy and paste a link on Chromebook.

The first is to select all the text of the link and open the right-click menu to copy the link text. This method works only if the link is visible. If the link is incomplete on the screen, This method will not work.

To ensure we copy complete links, We use the second method. We right-click on a link (It can be a backlink as well) and select the Copy link address command. This way, the complete link will be copied to the clipboard without any breakage.

The method to paste a link on Chromebook is as same as pasting simple text. To paste a link on Chromebook, go to the search bar(or any location where you want to paste it), access the right-click menu, look for the Paste command and click it. The link will be pasted to your desired location.

How to Copy and Paste on Acer Chromebook?

To Copy and Paste on Acer Chromebook is as same as to copy and paste on Chromebook. There is no difference in the controls of copy and paste in Acer Chromebook.

You can use the same method that you used to copy and paste in Chromebook in Acer Chromebook as well and the result will be the same.

How to Copy and Paste on Google Chromebook?

Similar to the method we used to copy and paste on Chromebook and Acer Chromebook, we can use the same method to copy and paste on Google Chromebook as well.

All manufacturers that make Chromebooks have the same interaction design and the same keyboard keys in all of them. So, the controls are also the same no matter if it is a Google Chromebook or an Acer Chromebook.


Why Can’t I Copy and Paste in Chromebook?

Some Chromebook users reported that they were unable to copy and paste on Chromebook. There can be many reasons behind why they couldn’t Copy and Paste on Chromebook.

You can try to use an alternative method to Copy and Paste in Chromebook. You can use the short key method and if it doesn’t work either, use the touchpad method.

If you have used these methods and all of them have failed, there may be a problem with the system settings. So, You should reset the setting to default so that all the changes that are causing this problem to occur, can be reversed.

To reset the settings, open the Chrome browser, click on the three dots located at the upper right corner, select Settings, and click on Advanced.

Then, Click on Restore or Reset Settings.

What does Ctrl + V do on a Chromebook?

The keyboard key combination Ctrl + V is used universally as a short key. Its function is to paste the copied data. The data can be in any form such as text, image, or Document.

The hotkey Ctrl + V is used to Paste data on Chromebook as well.

How do you Copy and Paste an Image on a Chromebook?

As stated earlier in this article, You can right-click on the image and choose the Copy command from the drop-down menu. And to paste, Write click on the destination, and choose the Paste command.

You can also use short keys such as Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste an image on Chromebook respectively.

How do you Copy and Paste on a Chromebook for kids?

To copy and paste on Chromebook is very easy. There is no burdensome task you need to perform to Copy and Paste on Chromebook. You can teach your kids to use the Short keys to Copy and Paste on a Chromebook. They will learn it easily and will never forget it as there is nothing really to remember except the two short keys that are; Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

How do you Split screen on a Chromebook?

You can split screen on Chromebook by using different methods including, holding maximize button, using duallas extension, drag and drop method, keyboard shortcut keys and many others ways as well.

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