December 5, 2023

Crystals, stones and Cleanse Crystals have been well known and have fame since older times. Crystals have an attractive and energetic look and structure. Mainly the crystals were used by Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, Japanese and Indians. Many people used crystals to satisfy your mind, eyes, body and especially your soul. Crystals have a high energy level, and they send their natural vibrations out into the world. The practitioners believe that the crystals have a potent vibrational effect that generates free energy flow into the entire body. In this blog, we discuss all the methods of cleansing crystals step by step. Here we talk about how to cleanse crystal? How to cleanse your crystals? How to cleanse quartz crystals? How to cleanse crystals and stones? How to cleanse crystals with salt? 

How should you clean a stone of amethyst?

Find an empty bowl and put the amethyst into the bowl. Fill the bowl with salt to coat the entire crystal with salt. Let sit 30 minutes to 4 hours. Place the bowl in direct sunlight to enhance purifying properties and load the crystal. The sun’s energy increases the salt and the crystal. The salt shades the strong sunshine by coming through the crystal, which damages the crystal. Be prepared to monitor the amethyst under fresh filtered water after removing it from the salt bowl to remove any residual salt from the stone. Put on a towel to dry air.

How do you use quartz rose?

It’s simple to use rose quartz. Yeah! You can use it next to the bed and below the core (under the mattress). It would help if you made a rose quartz water nebula for the more daring to spritz in your bedding and linen.

Which crystals cannot be cleaned?

Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Calcite, Malachite, Howlite, Turquesa, Kyanite are among the stones which are not washable with water. Salt on rocks is highly corrosive and abrasive and cannot be used on most fragile stones to become opaque, white and dull.

Saltless stones cannot be cleaned: Turkish, Malachite, Amber, Azurite, Topaz, Moonstone, Opal, Selenite, Red Coral.

What is the activation of crystals?

Keep the crystal in your hands near the sun. If you wish to attract love, describe the love you want. If you are searching for a cure, mention precisely what situation you want and what you want. Roar when you are in complete peace, “I intend to make this crystal powerful, light, and in love for the most significant and most advantage of all, for healing, for manifesting, etc. Wear your crystal or have it nearby to increase your strength, clean your space and show magic.

How to activate the crystals

After having programmed your crystal, it’s best to offer it a little extra boost by charging it! There are several approaches for loading the crystals.

• Wrap your crystals with clear inbound quartz points.

• The highest performance is for positioning the healing gemstones under sun or moonlight.

• Days such as equinoxes or solstices, full moon and new moon are ideal for heavier packing.

How to configure the crystal

Though crystals have intrinsic healing properties, you should take time to make your stone your own and re-connect your energy. You should hold the stone in your palm or place it on your third cheek. You should even relax and let the stone rest on the chakra or body surface you want to deal on. Imagine the vitality of the mixing hammer. Speak softly or orally to the stone and ask for guidance in your job.

Are crystals vibrate?

Crystals vibrate in the same pitch as people and increase our capacity for healing. This calming feeling gives you a better sense when putting a crystal on your body. Adjusting crystals may also contribute to the equalization of energy levels.

When we clean the crystals, they absorb all the negative energies surrounded us. The people that know how to cleanse crystals are very active because this work gave them positive impacts. We know that a crystal always travels from seller to buyer. And in this journey, many types of energies are stored in the crystal because all the crystals can collect or store a massive amount of data or energy. Here we talk about all the methods of cleaning crystals. In which we briefly describe how to cleanse crystals. So, let’s start with the fantastic techniques to clean the crystals.

1. How to Cleanse Crystals with Water:

People believe that water can neutralize all the negative energy stored in crystals. You can clean the crystals with running water. It washes all the dirt and extra properties that stick on the crystal. In this method, you can use a glass or bowl full of water for bathing the crystals quickly and adequately. You can also collect water from rain, river or stream, but using these natural water resources; you must know that the crystal faces this type of water. In this way, you know that how to cleanse your crystals.

This method is beneficial for cleaning unique crystals or stones like quartz etc. You can also wash crystals with saltwater. First, if you live near the beach or ocean, collect the fresh saltwater and dip atone or crystal. The crystal soaks into this water for few hours.

You can add a tablespoon of salt with a glass of water and wash the stone. You can ultimately make sure that the crystal is completely submerged in water. Also, keep in your mind that saltwater changes the look and appearance of different crystals or stones. So the salt method is not suitable for all types of crystals or stones. There are different types of crystals that you should never cleanse with salt, including Halite, Selenite, Gypsum, Desert rose, Aqua aura quartz, pyrite, Calcite, etc. Here we answer the question that how to cleanse crystals with salt. It’s such an easy and standard method.

2. Cleanse Crystals With smoke

It would help if you had a little smoke even to clear the smell. If you choose incense or palo santo, knowledge, or some other herbal pack, it is convenient and quick to cleanse your crystals with a smoke purification (or “smudging”). Enlighten the instrument and wait for a strong smoke stream to be formed. Clean yourself, clean any crystal, cigarette, and take all the unpleasant or stuffy vibrations. Place the stick in a fire-proof plate above your freshly cleaned crystals to prevent harmful vibrations.

3. Use other crystals to Cleanse

Some crystals are known to clean other crystals; these will be so solid! For example, you may wave a wall of selenite over your crystals to purify them with the strength of the mineral. Quartz is another outstanding cleaner (significant because its energy is just as apparent as its appearance). Other crystals you may place on a large quartz bed or in a geode for cleaning. Carnelian is another essential stone that different crystals are known to disinfect. Try putting your other stones on a bag or box so they can absorb light.

4. Cleanse Crystals with Sunlight or Moonlight:

This is the oldest method of cleaning crystals by sunlight or moonlight. Sunlight is a great and powerful cleanser for some types of crystals. So if your crystals are not so sensitive to light, then you submerged the crystal in a glass or bowl of sea salt and water and put it in the sunlight. The sunlight gives water unique energy, so the stone or crystal is wholly cleansed.

The sunlight also charges the stone. The different crystals or stones are not sensitive to sunlight like citrine, Calcite, rose quartz, Ametrine, etc. The crystal quartz is highly heated if these are put in direct sunlight. If this type of crystal is put on paper or wood in direct sunlight, it can start a fire. So keep it in mind that crystals are placed in direct sunlight for few minutes. Sunlight bathing is mainly best for yellow, red, or orange-coloured crystals. Now you know that clearly how to clean quartz crystals. 

Moonlight is a unique, favoured, and safe way to cleanse all types of crystals, either rough or polished. You put the crystals onto the table or a window where the moonlight is available. So keep the crystals in the moonlight for few hours then your crystal gets ready. But you always make sure the dewdrops do not wet the crystals. If you want to clear, unique and best results, you cleanse the crystals in the full moonlight or when the cloudless day appears. Moonlight also increases the vibrational energy of the crystal because the moon energy is very effective for crystal appearance and informs us how to cleanse crystals with moonlight.

5. Cleanse Crystals with Meditation:

Everyone loves this cleansing the crystals because this method is used for any crystal. You can also do this method at any time or any place, so this method works very well. We all are knowing that our minds have tremendous power and energy. In the same way, our thoughts and visualization can also create a large amount of energy. And also, we know that how to cleanse crystals of different types. So firstly, you should find an alone, quiet and relaxing place where you were doing meditation efficiently. But this method works when you give your total concentration with a fresh mind and body.

So firstly, you pick your crystal in your hand and make your attention sincerely. After selecting the crystal, you start meditation and focus on your breath and try to feel the crystal’s energy. You imagine that the white light surrounded the stone and also fills your hand. Then imagine that all the hostile powers, impurities, or negativity remove from the crystal or stone. When you properly feel that the crystal becomes clear, then you stop the visualization and meditation. This type is used for all kinds of crystals because this is the safest way to cleanse the crystals. And also, this method is suitable for those that are much more experienced in cleansing crystals and inform us how to cleanse crystal and stones with meditation.

6. Cleanse Crystals with Rice:

It is essential, helpful, and beneficial for soft and protective stones like black tourmaline. This method is used to clean the negativity from crystals in a safe way. You can use all types of rice for cleaning crystals. You can use both brown or white rice to cleansing crystals. So firstly, fill the bowl with rice and put the stone or crystal into the rice. The rice absorbed all the negative energy and impurities. You buried the stone or crystal under the rice for 24 hours. After the time pass, you drop the rice and pick your crystal. This method is beneficial if you buried your stone in rice overnight. This method is used for any crystal. The rice has the super capability to absorb negative energy. And also, now we know that how to cleanse crystals and stones with rice.

7. Cleanse Crystals with Soil:

This method of cleansing is unique and based on the nature of the crystal. This method is useful or helpful when heavy cleansing is necessary to remove impurities, negative energies, toxic material, and negativity. In this method, first, we choose a very safe and clean place where we dig soil and bury stone. Usually, the crystal is buried in the ground up to few inches. So buried the crystal for 24 hours or more than two to three days.

If you get better and long-lasting results, then buried the stone for three days. In this way, all the negative energy removed from the crystal. And we know that how to cleanse crystals of different types.

8. Cleanse Crystals with Breath:

This method is also critical and practical. In this breath method, you firstly pick the stone in your hand. After this, you must intensely focus on your intention and then smoothly inhale through your nostrils, not the mouth. Now the crystal or stone comes close to your nostrils and exhales forcefully through the nose onto the crystal or stone. In this way, the highest vibration appears in the rock. You can do this work for a minimum of 30 seconds on one stone. This method is applied only to the small stone because it does not work on large-sized rocks or crystals. This method removes all the unwanted negative energy from the crystal. And inform us that how to cleanse crystals with the breath method.

9. Cleanse Crystals with Singing Bowl:

The singing bowls have been used since older times for meditation, relaxation, healing, imagination, and therapy. This singing bowl is originated from Tibet and Buddhism. This type of bowl is prepared for stable, mesmerizing, or powerful vibration. These singing bowls are very pure and make a smooth sound.

So the pure, soft, and gentle vibrations produced by the singing bowl can also help remove the negative energy from your crystals or stones. Many people believe that these singing bowls change the negative energy into positive energy completely. The singing bowls are now made using brass bronze and other metals because metal produces the best and high-quality sound. Usually, a small singing bowl is handy for cleansing the tiny crystals because it has a high-quality sound.

The Tibetan singing bowl is also convenient for Cleansing the crystals. This method is unique and fast. The reason is that you can cleanse many crystals at the same time. So a tiny singing bowl that contains 3.5″ inches diameter works so fast and perfect on small crystals or stones. This method tells you that how to cleanse your crystals. The way of cleansing the crystal with a singing bowl is given below.

First, a cloth is spread on a clean table and put the singing bowl on the table. Then the fabric distributed around the singing bowl. Now put the stone on the cloth which surrounds the bowl. After this, start to play with the singing bowl. You can hit the bowl to produce the sound. You can switch and rub the singing bowl for 5 to 10 minutes. After this, the cleansing process of crystals is complete. Always remember don’t put the crystals inside the bowl because the high-level vibration damages the crystal. So if you are using the singing bowl the first time, then how to cleanse crystals with this bowl and use a pure and high-quality singing bowl.

10. Cleanse Crystals with Earth:

We are always thankful to God that gave Earth for all human beings. And we also grateful to the Earth that gave us a different and a large variety of crystals and informs us how to cleanse crystals of various types. This method of cleansing stone is highly beneficial. The technique started when you buried your stone into the soil like in a plant or ground. You must keep your crystals beneath the Earth because, in this way, you save your crystals from weather like sunshine, snow, raining and storms. You can bury your crystal overnight for better results. The Earth absorbs all the weir vibes, impurities and negative energies because Mother Nature has great power.

11. Cleanse Crystals with Smudging:

The word smudging means burning sage or other herbs. Smudging is an American tradition. This method is very ancient and used in different cultures to cleanse many things and negative energies. This method also informs how to cleanse crystals and stones quickly and safely. The practitioners believe that the smoke cleanses the crystals very well. And this method is working for all types of crystals. In this method, we use different things. First, a matchbox and a lighter. Second a metal box.

Third a feather. Fourth, a stick made of sage. Now you start to make smoke by using a sage stick of sandalwood. Now allow the smoke to surround and cleanse your crystal or stone. The smoke envelopes the crystal for a minimum of 30 seconds. This method increases the crystal or stone’s vibrational energy and removes the negative energies and impurities. It is a powerful method because we use all the elements of nature like water, EarthEarth, air, and fire. You can also use different sages for cleansing crystals like white sage, garden sage, lavender sage, and black sage.

When you cleanse your stones, I propose that all four corners of your home or office smudge windows and doors such that negative energies exist. If there is a lot of friction in the place, try coating once a month. When you muddle your head, you will become compassionate. The procedure takes a few minutes, but I recommend that you proceed until you feel clear. When your crystals are clean, you will abundantly use them to bring the energy back into your space.

12. Cleanse Crystals With visualization

I love this approach because it can be used anywhere, wherever, and for every crystal. It’s like that in a pinch. Our brains are super powerful instruments, and our emotions and visuals generate energy. This is the basis for the purification of visualization.

Let’s start the process!

• Find a quiet spot to focus and do your best to meditate.

• Hold the crystal in your hands and then visualize a light stream of pure white light streaming straight into the crystal-like shield from your third eye.

• Imagine the light as the purest energy for the transformation of pure goodness to all negative.

• Do this until you feel the energy of crystal transition (confidence in your instincts).

• It can only be psychically tiring to use this method if you clean up a considerable number of crystals, so take a break if you are tired.

Thank you for reading!

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